When to Start Planning your International Move


Congratulations! You are going on an exciting adventure to a new country. If you are relocating to or from Hong Kong, you will likely have a lot of fun and excitement ahead of you. However, planning the move may not be one of those times. There is a lot of work in preparing for your international move but getting started early is the best thing you can do to make the process easy. It’s easier to plan ahead by blocking out timelines and sticking to your deadlines. If you have 90 days up your sleeve, get started now. If you have less time, it is still possible to complete everything, with a little more effort involved.

Assuming you have at least 90 days before your move, here is Allied Pickford’s guideline to a relatively stress-free move.

3 Months to Go

The first thing you need to do is to ensure you and your family have up-to-date passports to reduce any risk of issues when travelling. If your passport expires in less than 2 years, it might be worth renewing them for the whole family. When moving to Hong Kong, it is important to renew your driver’s license and apply for an International Driver’s Permit to ensure you can get around when you arrive. If you own your home, now is a great time to either put it on the market to sell or look for potential rental opportunities. Talk to your children’s school to inform them what is happening and ask them to prepare any relevant documents.

2 Months to Go

If you own a vehicle and are looking to sell it, advertise it now because it may take awhile to sell. If your car does sell quickly, consider alternative travel or perhaps hire a car for the next few weeks. Contact Allied Pickfords international moving company to arrange a quote and set a date for their relocation services to or from Hong Kong. Start selling or giving away any furniture or belongings you do not wish to take, perhaps speak to the team at Allied Pickfords about suitable storage options and decide what you’re happy to leave behind for renters to use. Talk to your bank and the tax office to explain your travel circumstances. If they cannot offer an account in Hong Kong, you will need to arrange for one to transfer money to. Obtain any necessary medical records from your doctor and research the internet for a new medical practice in the area you plan to move to, particularly if a member of the family requires prescriptions. Talk to a trusted family member or friend to hold Power of Attorney for you in case of emergencies.

1 Month to Go

Contact utility companies and cancel any services. Start to pack anything you are taking with you and remove all furniture and items from the house that will not be staying. Ensure all of your documents are in order and filed so they are easy to find. Write down all the emails, addresses and contact details of your family and friends so you can let them know your new address. Now all that is left to do is to get excited about your new adventure and check out the internet for fun things to do, restaurants to dine in and sightseeing spots to visit when you move to Hong Kong.

Visit Allied Pickfords useful online checklist to get more helpful tips.

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