Understanding Customs Requirements When Moving to Hong Kong

Relocating to Hong Kong for a golden work opportunity can be exciting, but with so many things to do, it can be stressful. To make life easier, it is important to understand the different laws regarding customs when moving to Hong Kong. Do you know which of your belongings you can take with you? Can your pets come along? Or is it best to buy what you need when you get there? With preparation, you will know if you need to pay any import duty or make any arrangements in advance.


If you are moving to Hong Kong from a Group I country, namely Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Japan, Fiji or Hawaii, you can bring cats and dogs into the country as long as you have obtained a Special Permit for them. There are many other Group II and Group III countries that may be required to have special treatments for their pets or a minimum time in quarantine. There is plenty of information on the Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCG) website about quarantine restrictions. Birds are allowed with special permits, which must be applied for on the AFCG website.

Controlled and Prohibited Items

If you require certain medication for health concerns, it is important to ensure you are allowed to bring them with you into Hong Kong. Many drugs are controlled, as they are in most countries, and users will need to bring written permission from your doctor or a health certificate to prove the requirement. When moving to Hong Kong, find a doctor near to your relocation area to help you with updating your prescription. Other non-prescribed drugs may not be suitable to bring into the country.

Other than drugs, plants, animals without a special permit, fireworks, weaponry, rough diamonds, meat and dairy products, including powdered baby formula, are not allowed except under certain conditions.

Import Duty

Certain items, including tobacco-related products, liquors, methyl alcohol and hydrocarbon oil are all subject to excise duties. Luckily, the country has a 0% import tax for people moving their furniture to Hong Kong. Similarly, any imported baggage is exempt from import duties if it can be shown to be for personal use and not to be sold or used for business.

If you are relocating to Hong Kong and are taking your vehicle with you, they are subject to a first registration tax, which must be arranged and paid before arrival. For organising your furniture and personal belongings to be transported to Hong Kong, contact Allied Pickfords international movers for a quote. Allied Pickfords has hundreds of years of experience moving people across the world and offers experienced consultants to help you with all the details.


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