Reasons To Hire Professional Office Movers In Hong Kong

When the time comes to move office or relocate your business in Hong Kong, there are aspects to be considered which would not require attention when moving house.

Moving office involves relocating staff, furniture and equipment (often expensive assets such as computers and servers). However, during an office move, downtime must also be considered. How long can a business afford to be offline?

Between packing all items away, dismantling desks and other office furniture, moving, unpacking and setting everything up in the new office location, business can be lost during the moving phase.

The question is, how does a company minimise the risk for loss of business, and also ensure customer service levels remain high, during a relocation? The answer is by hiring professional office movers.

Benefits Of Hiring Professional Office Movers

Professional office movers are trained in the art of business relocation. Regardless of whether the move is to another commercial premises in Hong Kong, or if a business is relocating operations to a new country, professional office movers understand exactly what needs to be achieved in a short timeframe.

When a business hires professional office movers such as Allied Pickfords, the element of risk is significantly reduced.

A smart business understands that by engaging the services of a trusted professional moving company, they are ticking the following boxes:

●     Downtime is significantly reduced;
●     Business assets are moved carefully and safely;
●     IT equipment disconnected and reconnected;
●     A move coordinator will organise all aspects of the move, ensuring the entire process is completed            efficiently;
●     Staff do not risk injury by moving items themselves;
●     Goods are insured.

Once a business has moved into new premises, there are aspects to consider including:

●     Notifying customers/clients of your new address;
●     Updating your Google My Business listing;
●     Updating your website;
●     Notifying all vendors and banks of your change of address.

By making sure the office moving process is seamless and stress free, it ensures the time is available for post move tasks to be completed swiftly and efficiently.

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