Preparing Your Children to Move from Hong Kong

An international move can be extremely rewarding yet will involve some challenges. This will be a tremendous change for everyone in your family, yet children can find it hard to adjust and particularly tough depending on their ages. When planning your move from Hong Kong, you must take the time to prepare your little ones for what is coming next and make sure you hear their concerns.

Take the Time to Listen

Your child is more likely to accept the news if they know their opinion is valued throughout the moving process. Moving home from Hong Kong will always mean adapting to a new routine and leaving something behind. In the case of an international move, changes become even more pronounced. Your child might protest and feel as though this decision was made without consulting them. Listen to what they have to say and explain that although the decision has been made, you want them to be involved in planning your relocation.

Give Them Tasks

Ask them to organise their belongings and to pack a special bag, which includes the things they cherish most. If they have a favourite toy or sweet from Hong Kong, tell them to pack it in the bag. Make sure they have their special bag with them during the journey, so they can find comfort in something familiar if they become anxious.

Saying Goodbye

One of the hardest parts for any child is saying goodbye to their friends. Reassure your child that they can remain in touch with their friends. If your child is too young to use social media, talk to their friends’ parents to get their contact details. Arrange for them to chat at certain times using your video chat account such as Facetime or Skype. When you have relocated, make sure your child is involved in the activities they love doing. This also offers a perfect opportunity for them to make new friends.

Plan Something Exciting

You might be looking forward to starting work in a great new job when you arrive in your new country of residence or you may be opting for a quieter lifestyle and working from home. Your child also needs to have something to look forward to. Tell them about interesting places you can visit once the move is complete. Ask them to make a wish list of places they would like to visit and activities they would like to do when you arrive. Together, you can plan a fun family outing and explore the your new environment.

Most importantly, be patient and try to understand their feelings. Just like you will be there to support your child for the move from Hong Kong. Allied Pickfords will be there to guide you and ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. 

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