Order in The House! Prepare Your Home for Moving Day

Moving from Hong Kong? A move can be stressful and an untidy home can make things much harder for you to keep a clear head when planning your move. Organisation is key when you are trying to get everything ready for the big moving day. Packing up your entire home is a daunting task, but you will feel more in control if you decide what to take with you and what to leave behind early on. As long as everyone in the household cooperates, you should be able to get things packed in time. 

Where to Start?

The phrase “a place for everything and everything in its place” really comes in handy when you are getting ready for a domestic or international relocation from Hong Kong. If everything you own has its own spot in the house, you will have a more realistic idea of what you own and whether you need it or not. It will also allow you to evaluate if there will be enough room in you new home.

Keep, Donate or Sell

Organising your belongings into these three categories is important before you get a quote from a moving company.

The team at Allied Pickfords will need to know how much space you will require so it is important to provide a good estimate. You might need a few days or even a couple of weeks to get this done but it will be time well spent. With more than 600 outlets in over 40 countries around the world, it makes sense to organise an Allied Pickfords moving consultant to come to your home to do our own inventory. After all, you could end up saving a lot of money when relocating from Hong Kong just by knowing the right container capacity.

Start by taking a close look at areas of the house where things are out of sight and out of mind. These include wardrobes, cupboards, chests of drawers, car parks and storage units. It is easy to put things away and forget that they exist. Having a spring clean will let you lighten your baggage and even make some money if you decide to sell some of the items.

One Room at a Time

You will likely spend a few weeks packing and getting ready for your move. Nobody wants to live in a house full of boxes, whereby you cannot find what you need. To avoid feeling as though you are camping in your own home, do one room at a time.

Start by the areas that are not used often, for instance, spare rooms.

If you have seasonal clothing items or garments that are only used on special occasions, you can pack those first.

Pack essential kitchen items or toiletries last and make sure you have packed a bag to keep the necessities nearby for your move. You’ll also need an extra box for the items you used on your last night at home.

If you would like a quote on our international moving services, get in touch with the team at Allied Pickfords. We will make sure everything goes according to plan. 


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