Moving to Malaysia for Work, What You Need to Consider

Moving abroad, either for work or personal reasons, can be a stressful time if you do not prepare for your international relocation well in advance. If you are moving for work, there is a good chance your company is using a relocation company to help you along the way. If not, or you are moving for personal reasons or if you are moving to look for a job in Malaysia, using Allied Pickfords’ relocation services will help you plan everything more smoothly.

Applying for Your Visa

The most important task to consider is whether you are eligible to work or live in Malaysia. For those moving to work, your company is likely to have already ensured you are eligible for the visa but may require you to fill out some paperwork. So check with the administration department to speed this process along. It is possible to enter the country with special permits to start work and complete the process while you are there but getting your work visa before starting on the job is strongly advised.
For those looking to relocate without the aid of their employer, you must be 27 years old (or 23 if your skills are relevant to the IT industry), and have the technical skills to complete the job offered. For this, an Employment Pass is necessary. If you are looking for recruitment lasting 2 years or less, or for a lower salary, a Temporary Employment Pass is easier to obtain.

Renting or Purchasing

When you move abroad, your relocation services company will need to know where you are going to be staying before they pack up your goods and, in some cases, before you can book the relocation date. If you’re moving with Allied Pickfords Hong Kong, simply contact one of our experienced moving team to assist you with your requests.

If you know Malaysia well and can identify an area of the country you want to live in, buying a house is not that risky. If you have never visited Malaysia so you have no idea where the good and bad neighbourhoods are located, your best advice is to do a little online research and definitely rent first. This way, you can test-drive the neighbourhood without committing to a mortgage. Finding a location early is important for a successful move. With outlets in more than 40 countries around the world, Allied Pickfords Relocation Services has staff on the ground in many locations to help ease this part of your planning process for you.

Taxes, Banking and Driving

Ensure that the Hong Kong Inland Revenue, your accountant and your bank all know about your plans to move to Malaysia. You will have to ensure you are paying taxes in Malaysia, so you don’t want to have to owe taxes in Hong Kong at the same time. Your bank must know you will be working abroad so it can ensure your account is secure and your bank cards are not blocked in your destination country. You don’t want to be left empty-handed once you arrive in Malaysia.

The team at Allied Pickfords will be more than happy to provide you a quote for our comprehensive relocation services. Get in touch to find out more.