Moving Home Is a Fresh Start – so It’s a Great Way to Rethink Your Healthy Habits


After a move, all you want is to go back to your regular routine. Having a shower or getting a cup of coffee in the morning are simple activities that can make you feel at home. When you are adjusting to a new location, it will take a while to regain that sense of normality – in the meantime, try to embrace the positives and open yourself to fresh opportunities and adventures. You will be moving to a new environment and this gives you the opportunity to leave your bad habits behind and become a healthier you.

Get Physical

Take a stroll around your new neighbourhood and see what it has to offer. Perhaps there is a park or a gym nearby where you can exercise regularly. It will be easier for you to include this activity in your daily routine if you do not have to go out of your way to get there. 

Use Public Transport

If you have just moved to Hong Kong, you will have access to one of the best and most efficient public transport networks in the world. If you were used to driving in your home country, you will love this change of pace. Your morning commute can be an opportunity to be more active. You can walk to a train or bus station; try taking the stairs instead of the escalator and perhaps get off one stop early to increase your walk time.

Make Time to Cook at Home

Cooking from scratch is not only a nurturing and mindful pastime it is also one of the best ways to stick to a healthy diet. There will be days when you will not have the energy or the time to cook a fresh meal but there are ways around this. Plan your meals in advance, invest in a slow cooker, freeze homemade soups or pre-cook fresh ingredients to go into salads. If you have recently relocated to Hong Kong, you can take this opportunity to experiment with local ingredients and apply your creative flair to local recipes. 

New House, New Food

One of the biggest advantages of moving house is you will need to clean your pantry. You can finally say goodbye to that can of condensed milk that expired three years ago or throw away the pack of biscuits with too much sugar. This is your opportunity to start afresh and make way for a healthier diet. If you have moved to a new country, this will be even easier for you as you won’t be packing boxes of food. Take a stroll to your local supermarket and look for alternatives to what you would normally choose. Taste the local produce and buy seasonal fruit and vegetables to add colour and excitement to your meals. Soon enough, all of this will be part of your daily routine.  



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