How to Celebrate the Lunar New Year in Hong Kong


Your Christmas decorations might have now been put away in storage but if you are lucky enough to have moved to Hong Kong for work, you should get ready for one of the most important celebrations in the city: the Lunar New Year. This is a special time of the year and you will not be disappointed by the magnitude of the festivities. Here are a few tips to help you enjoy this festival as much as the locals.

Welcome the Festive Spirit

The Lunar New Year will take place on February 16. In the days leading up to it the city will be inundated by the positive energy of those who want to attract good fortune. The celebrations continue throughout the next 15 days and come to a close with the Lantern Festival. This year is the Year of the Dog and there will be plenty of chances for you to join in.

The temples will be full of people praying and there will be no shortage of decorations and delicious food. Keep in mind that government offices and businesses will be closed during the Lunar New Year public holiday so plan ahead. Restaurants and shops in the busiest districts are usually open.

Get Involved

Before the New Year arrives, clean your home thoroughly. This will help you eliminate any bad luck that has accumulated over the past year. You’re supposed to do this before New Year’s Day as it is believed that if you clean on the day, you might throw away your good luck by accident. Once all the cleaning is finished, you can start decorating with flowers, images of the Dog, red banners and Chinese knots.

Indulge Your Senses

Many residents will spend this time with their loved ones and let’s be honest food is always an important guest at these reunions. Food is an essential part of this festival so don’t hold back. Some of the special dishes prepared during this time include dried oysters, black moss and rice cakes. Food has a special significance and some of these dishes are meant to bring you good luck and prosperity.

Enjoy the Parades and Fireworks

There will be many activities going on during this 15-day party, but the Night Parade is one of the major attractions. The streets of Tsim Sha Tsui fill up with floats, dancers and other performers. You can usually buy tickets to sit on the stands or you can watch for free, standing up, but get there early.

The second night of the Lunar New Year will delight everyone with a spectacular fireworks show. You can book a restaurant or bar that faces Victoria Harbour to get a good view and beat the crowds. On the third day of the celebrations, you can stop by the Sha Tin Racecourse to join in the most popular horse-racing event of the year.



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