Best Tips for Moving House in Hong Kong


Moving house in Hong Kong is often a tiresome and stressful event that comes with lots of procrastination and often not a lot of pre-planning. Therefore, if you want a smooth transition it is important to be organised to make the process as smooth as possible. To achieve this while moving house in Hong Kong, consider the following tips from the team at Allied Pickfords movers.

Pack with a plan

Remember that moving day is likely to be exhausting and it is doubtful your family will feel like unpacking every box brought in from the truck. Therefore, it is wise to keep essentials, such as sleeping and bathroom items, close-by just in case you are not able to unpack in one day.

Know your measurements

Consider the size of the house you are moving to when packing your belongings in your current residence. This will ensure that the furniture you keep or any new purchases will fit in your new abode. It is important to ensure that the items will move through doorways, staircases and lifts in apartment blocks. This will ensure you are not stuck with items outside or in passages at your new residence.

Make the necessary redirects

Remember to change addresses for mail and utility bills. This will save you from missing important notices or incurring fines. It is also crucial to inform the necessary authorities, friends, and family about the move so they can easily reach you.

Contact Hong Kong Post to arrange for mail redirection.

Find ways to save

Moving can be costly, thus, doing some of the work such as boxing and packing will save you some funds, unlike leaving all the work to movers. Our reputable movers offer a packing service, which you can take advantage of if you have budgeted for it. A Hong Kong packing service is certainly efficient if you find you’re short on time.

Donate or sell unwanted items

When moving, not all items need to be carried into the new house. This may be because they are too expensive to move, may not fit in the new place or they are items you no longer have a use for. In any of the cases above, find buyers or donate these items. This will reduce the amount of luggage and help cut costs.

Label your packages

This obvious action will save you a lot of time when unpacking, keeping track of your items when moving so you can keep track of the right boxes in their corresponding rooms.

Keep a checklist to maintain order

After labelling items, it is important to keep track of them. It is also important to have a clear procedure to follow while moving. This will ensure moving is more organised and there is less confusion and chaos.

Clean before moving in

Make sure the house you are moving into is clean. If the property has just been renovated make sure there are no residual materials left behind, such as sawdust and structural items. Cleaning before moving in is important to ensure the house is fit for habitation. It is also wise to clean the home thoroughly so you’re not piling your items onto someone else’s dirt and grime.

Isolate sensitive and delicate items

You should be keen to move valuable items yourself. Such items may include expensive jewellery and fragile items. Including precious items in the main body of possessions being moved can result in losses or breakages. Hence, keeping these items with you, or moving them yourself, you ensure their safety and see to it that they are handled properly.

Finally, remember to rest well before moving. This and the above tips will help ensure that moving in Hong Kong will be relatively easy and free of excessive exertion and stress.

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