Avoiding Cheap Local Movers in Hong Kong


Wherever you are in the world, you’ll find people looking for a good deal. When it comes to service providers, there is always someone willing to undercut another provider, but are their services equal in value or quality? If you are looking for cheap local movers in Hong Kong, it is always important to do your research. You will be putting all of your personal belongings, beloved furniture and irreplaceable family heirlooms in their hands. Is a bargain price going to save you money in the long run?

Find a Removals Company with Experience

If a removals company has given you a price that sounds too good to be true, it probably is. A low price may indicate the movers are inexperienced when estimating the real costs of moving your possessions. Very low prices in the removals industry often indicate a company is cutting corners, either their labour is inexperienced, they use poor-quality packing materials, or they don’t take enough care when transporting your items.

If you are looking to pack an entire household, it can be daunting. The team at Allied Pickfords has plenty of experience packing and moving belongings all over the world, as well as Hong Kong. Our exceptional services are what elevates Allied Pickfords above other local movers in Hong Kong. We know how to protect your precious belongings; we plan and implement moves on a daily basis and only use a trusted network of transport partners.  

Does the Removals Company offer Sufficient Insurance?

The team at Allied Pickfords will do anything and everything within our power to protect your possessions. Our insurance costs go up if anything is damaged under our care, so we aim to safeguard items against loss or damage. Unfortunately, there are occasions where even the best planning and packaging is just not enough and in these rare events if you choose our Hong Kong moving services, you can be insured. If an inexperienced removals company does not pack your belongings properly, this can void the insurance and some removals companies may be uninsured altogether.

Ensure the Company Can Complete the Job

Estimating the cost of removals can be complex, as our moving team needs to evaluate not only the number of items but the moving itinerary, the distance and time involved. The assessor will have to determine the size of the vehicles and how much manpower is needed, as well as also the time it will take to pack, remove and unload your belongings at your destination.

If there are obstacles such as stairs or small-sized elevators, this will require more people and a longer timeframe. Parking issues may arise or the need for a vehicle to transport your furniture from an underground car park to a safe parking place for the removals truck to be parked. The assessor may need to visit your property and look at potential issues. An experienced moving company requires all the pieces of the puzzle to ensure you’re not under-quoted and your belongings arrive on time.

We are the local movers in Hong Kong that can help you in your household move, office move, storage, pet relocation services and vehicle relocation. If you have any queries about how Allied Pickfords can facilitate your move, please call us on (852) 2736 6032 or contact us via our website.