Are You Ready to Repatriate?


If your employer is moving you back to your home country from Hong Kong or you have simply decided that now is the perfect time to return, you are probably excited about being back where everything feels ‘normal’. There is a lot of excitement surrounding the return home, so in the excitement you must not forget that preparing for the repatriation process is important.

Reverse Culture Shock

When moving to your host country you probably experienced culture shock to some extent. Unless you have visited your home nation many times throughout your international adventure, you may even experience a small period of discomfort when you return. You may feel a kind of reverse culture shock, whereby you need to take time to adapt to your new surroundings the same as you did when you first moved to Hong Kong. It is not likely to be as confronting as when you first set foot in Hong Kong but moving from countries where the way of life, average earnings and lifestyles are different to those at home, you will need time to adjust.


This feeling of alienation may also rear its head in the workplace. If you are relocating from Hong Kong, you may find that managerial styles are less strict or that socialising within the business is unfamiliar. Rather than carelessly jumping in with 2 feet, take it slowly and ease your way into your new office environment. This is not to say that enthusiasm and teamwork isn’t important. Definitely put up your hand when it comes to getting involved at work as this will help you forget about your recent move from Hong Kong and showing you’re keen is appealing to co-workers. 

Make Sure Everyone Knows

Friends and family back home will be excited to have you back in their everyday lives. Let them know once everything is finalised and give them dates so they can make time to welcome you home. In the excitement, you may fail to remember the new friends and colleagues you will be leaving behind. Relationships formed in foreign countries can be strong when your group of friends is smaller. Give them time to get used to the idea that you are moving away and do not forget to keep their contact details and birthdates so you can stay in touch.

Unfortunately, contact is not just necessary for those you love. When relocating from Hong Kong, there is a range of institutions you will need to contact. Finding new school placements for your young ones and telling their current school what is happening is vital to ensure the happy adjustment of your children. Informing the tax office, your bank, realtor, energy suppliers and broadband and TV suppliers are the main ones then think about any other services you use on a regular basis or have set up direct debits with, such as gym memberships.

Preparing to Move Your Valuables

Contact Allied Pickfords for a quote to transport your belongings from Hong Kong to your home country. It is important you talk to an expert about what is involved in the process, how long the move will take and what you may or may not take with you. Check government websites to determine what you can and cannot take with you through customs. If you have a vehicle, prepare to sell this before you leave then arrange alternate transport. 

All in all, coming home with incredible tales to tell and memories about the exotic culture and bright lights of Hong Kong will likely outweigh any anxiety you may have.



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