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Allied Pickford’s Tips for Moving from Hong Kong to Singapore

Hong Kong has all the exotic draw-cards of a bustling Asian city, offering amazing culture, nightlife, shopping and entertainment for locals and expats alike. 

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Where to Find Hong Kong Expat Accommodation

With so many things to do when you move to Hong Kong, finding a place to live can seem the most daunting task because it is often the one that takes up the most time.

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Storage Options When You are Moving Overseas Temporarily

If you’re looking to expand your outlook and discover new cultures, a move abroad is a great way to experience exotic sights, smells and sounds. 

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What is a Door to Door Moving Service?

According to many people, moving house is one of the most stressful events to occur in your lifetime. In today’s fast-paced world you’re more than likely to move more than once.

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Planning for a Move from Hong Kong to Shanghai

While Shanghai is renowned for being China’s central financial hub and the country’s capital, many visitors are unaware of its beauty. 

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Avoiding Cheap Local Movers in Hong Kong

When it comes to service providers, there is always someone willing to undercut another provider, but are their services equal in value or quality? 

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