Office Moving 

Hong Kong’s Most Reliable Business and Office Moving Company

Organisations around the world turn to Allied Pickfords when they need to relocate their office locations and staff. Business managers in Hong Kong rely on Allied Pickfords’ experience and expertise ininternational office relocationsto ensure deadlines are met and processes are handled efficiently.

We have streamlined all our protocolsinto a single-pronged approach, which includes integrated planning, project management and24/7 communication. HK business managers trust our office moving teams to run them smoothly through the entire relocation process, minimising downtime while staying on track with employee requirements.

We Offer Specialised Office Relocation Services Tailored to Your Needs

The foundation of a successful office move, whether you’re travelling across the suburb or across borders, is good planning. The team at Allied Pickfords HK, backed by a comprehensive network of suppliers, is able to shoulder the load for you so you can focus on finalising other details of the company move.

Relocating business premises is vastly different to moving home, although both are likely to be high-stress events. The logistics of moving office involves a more complex plan to ensure all systems and equipment arrive safely and are set up correctly, then there’s the staff to consider, especially if they are moving with families.

A house move follows a certain timeline, while these similar deadlines are increased exponentially when moving operations and workforces.

Protecting Your Assets During Your Relocation

As a business manager, you’re responsible for sensitive client information. The confidentiality of your clients and your own company reporting is paramount during a move, which means we look after decommissioning and reinstatement of IT systems and telecoms efficiently using the utmost security.

Allied Pickfords professional HK office movers will look after your expensive IT equipment and systemsas well as bulky office furniture, lockable cabinets, safes and mainframe hardware.

Managing Employee Expectations

Office relocationscan be stressful for everyone concerned, especially employees. Not only will they be anxious about settling into their new workplaceand how they’ll navigate the public transport system, some staff will be worried about choosing the best schools and colleges for their kids or which childcare centres to enrol their youngest children.

For this reason, we can help you manage employeeexpectations by providing aup-to-date stream of vital information during the relocation process. This is where Allied Pickfords’ extensive experience in office movingstands ahead of competitors.

As manager, you’re entitled to 24/7 availability to liaise with our teams about necessary protocols and deadlines. Of course, you may choose to provide staff only with the information that impacts them directly, however, when you choose Allied Pickfords, you are privileged to encompassing data to ease your mind about the move.

Maintaining Business Continuity

At Allied Pickfords, we take a personal approach to moving your operations and workforce, whichconsiders the needs of individual employees, as well as business managers. Whether your employee is in data admin or a department manager, they’ll receive the same level of attentive care during the relocation.You won’t have to chase us for information because we’ll be in touch every step of the way.

Contact our Hong Kong moving team to start planning your office move today. Our moving consultants will work with you to ensure a seamless transition for a successful corporate relocation.